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Pepper Guns

Question: Is the spray a set duration or does the spray last as long as the trigger is depressed?

Answer: System allows aerosol like spray in continuous fashion from any angle, even upside down.

Question: Does this spray gel form? I am looking for this style but want to avoid the liquid pepper spray. Gel gives less chance of having it come back at me!

Answer: This gun only comes with Aerosol type spray. However, we do carry a Pepper Gel. Please see our Wildfire Pepper Gel. https://www.safetybeyondx.com/pepper-spray/gel.html

Question: Is this Mace Gun legal in Los Angeles, CA?

Answer: Yes, to the best of our knowledge, we have no restrictions on shipping this product to California. If you believe sprays may be restricted in your area, please check with your local Authority

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